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Apr 19 2010

19/04/10 Liars…

Afternoon¬†bitches! Today we shall focus on all the liars out there who just flutter their pretty little eyelashes and get away with murder. They know who they are, and it just winds us up that they get themselves deeper into things because they know that in the long run, they’ll get away with it. Not if we have anything to do with it!

Don’t you just love it. You’re out with your friends on a nice day out, sat in McDonalds…yes I’m talking about Stefan. Haha nah I’m kiddin love…kinda…but anyway, your phone goes off, and you receive a message from a friend saying that some bitch that you physically cannot even stand to think about is bitching about you. That’s just funny, you laugh it off. Yeah we all bitch, don’t deny it, but then you continue reading…you’re now being accused of lying and spreading stuff that isn’t true. I mean seriously, how old are we now that people still natter on, ‘oh she hurt me in the past, boo hoo’. Suck it up love, get a hobby.

Seriously though, are some people just so insecure that they can’t stick up for themselves when they’re caught out. If someone finds you lying and they confront you about it, usually you’re like, yeah alright sorry love. But if you find that one person that continues to deny their rubbish, what can you do? You know they’ve done wrong, a thousand other people know they’ve done wrong, but the one person that needs to know the truth, is so naive that they won’t even bother listening to anyone, not even their closest friends. Erm, HELLO! Haven’t you been through so much that you know when you’re friends are trying to save you from being hurt by this bitch and the lies it brings. Of course you have, yet you still ignore it…That’s just stupid. More fool you

I guess I just don’t understand. I especially don’t understand good friends lying to eachother, what’s that about? Seriously, for example, let’s say Stefan stole the last bite of my¬†toast, the theiving bitch! Lets say I saw him do it through the corner of my eye, and I say ‘Oi, stealing my toast, how rude!’ to which he replies, ‘No I didn’t!’ Then if I say, ‘I just saw you!’, usually you would expect him to go, ‘Oh haha sorry’. But why do you get that one person who continues to say, ‘I swear, I didn’t nick your toast!’. Maybe not the greatest example I could have used, but it works none the less. We just can’t stand those of you that continue to lie about stealing the toast. Damn you all!

Aah anyways, on a lighter note, Stefan the lazy boy is out sunnin himself again!!! Seriously mayte, you’re gonna go black. Jonny’s shower broke today haha gutted love…Nah I’m kiddin…kinda…

Stefan has nothing else to say, not that he said much, and I don’t think I have much more to add. Just to all you liars and cheaters out there who think you’re getting away with it…you aint seen nothing yet

Bye Bitches!

The Two Wallys

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